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Review of The Cult Of Me, by Michael Brookes

The Cult of MeThe Cult of Me by Michael Brookes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In The Cult Of Me, Michael Brookes has created one of the most memorable villains I have ever read about - and he is sort of the good guy of the story.

We begin with a man in prison who teases out information about some supernatural abilities he has by demonstrating them in the present and through revealing pieces of his past in alternating chapters. He is working to a master plan which will see him go down in a blaze of glory. You don't know whether you want him to succeed or not - he's such a brilliantly evil character, he does horrendous things and you start rooting for him (well I did!).

Then you hit the halfway point, and the character learns that there are others out there like him, some good, some even more evil and threatening than he, and he has some choices to make and opportunities to hone his abilities to new levels.

You will be guessing right up until the last page, and the ending will stay with you for a long time afterwards! Highly recommended.

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