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Last Night

So last night I met up with my old pal and fellow horror writer David Basnett. By now, those of you who have at least read as far as Dr Blessing's Rapture will have picked up on the presence of an organisation called De Omori, and those who read the copyright info will know that this was created by David.

Our latest meeting was long overdue and we wasted no time, Quick little chat about how the kids are doing, then down to business.

I am pleased to say that David and I thrashed out some ideas which will help me to ensure that one of my works in progress will sit solidly and properly as both a continuation of the Dr Blessing series, and as a De Omori story in its own right.

Ok, it's all a long way from completion, and I'll want David's seal of approval at every step of the way, but this story, when it is ready is going to be one of the most ambitious projects I have ever written.

David had also told me about his work in progress, a long-gestating, adult fiction sequel to the Eve Evans De Omori trilogy. I was fortunate enough to learn of some of David's plans for this next story and excited to find the first draft in my inbox this morning!

A very productive evening and I do hope we'll be doing this more often.