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Kickstarter success - new stretch goal: Let's make a paperback!

I am pleased to announce that 'The Seance' kickstarter campaign has been a success and with 22 days still to run, it's only natural that a stretch goal goes in.

Now we're aiming to raise £350.00 and from this, to launch the novella as a paperback as well as the originally planned e-book.

What a great response I've had to this campaign, where only 12 backers have funded the £200 goal between them, with so much time still on the clock.

Many people liked the 'buy into a character idea' and many like that the future projects link back to the Dr Blessing series, which will return next year.

The biggest selling point, however has been the basic premise - you don't have to pledge loads to get something. You are essentially pre-ordering the novella for £2, helping me to put together a marketing budget for my back catalogue.

There's still time to get involved; this is a unique opportunity to make a great little horror story into something big and personal for you. How many paperbacks do you have on your shelf with your name in the special thanks section?