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At my signal... Unleash Hell! A review of "Devil's Day" by Kyle Scott

Devil's Day tells the story of an American town suffering terribly at the hands of dark forces who have come to collect on an debt owed by the ancestors of the town's citizens.

Devil's Day is filled with realistic, well-drawn characters. My sympathies lay with the town's Sheriff, Mike Somerville, who has to face up to a threat he can not fully comprehend, attempting to save the townspeople while also desperate to help his own family stay safe.

The story's strength comes from its unpredictability, you don't know who is going to fall victim to the unstoppable evil, or what will be left of those who survive. There are lots of nerve-shattering scenes as the citizens of Blackhaven try to flee or hideout as the terror rolls over their town and these scenes disturb particularly when juxtaposed against the accurate portrayals of family life, lovingly sketched out only paragraphs before.

And then there's the carnage. Kyle Scott revels in the destruction wrought by not only his terrifying creatures of darkness, but by some pretty evil humans, too. You will be horrified, you will be on the edge of your seat and you will definitely keep turning the pages to see what happens next, rubbernecking as hapless victims are dismantled across the page before you.

For fans of slasher books and movies, creature features or those with a hankering for a throwback to the horror of the 80's, Devil's Day will clamp its claws around you and never let you go.

This was one of those stories that every now and then while reading it I had to come up for air, I was so drawn in. That is testament to the strength of Kyle Scott's accessible writing style, his great characters and a gripping story.

Go read it now. I dare you.